"Assemblage" is the 3-D version of "collage”. "Found object fragments," "discards," or "throwaways" (artist's work to look at: Schwitters, Cornell, Rauschenberg, Bearden, etc.).

These things are organized by their specific elements. The resulting groups are then arranged into compositions of art.

Extending to many cultures of people living in family, religious, work, and various other groups; We could be viewed as a complex living version of "assemblage”(Webster 1. a group of persons or things gathered or collected).

We have “found” each other by chance; either by blood, common goals, or a certain chemistry. These connections help to formulate new ideas, innovations, and even new generations. John Anderson

Monday, September 26, 2011

Kaytee Thrun, Functional Art and Fine Craft Jewelry

I would like to introduce Kaytee Thrun, a jewelry artist who was an outstanding student of mine in high school (she will have to reveal the year). Her work is beautiful, wearable, and affordable. Her designs are timeless, comfortable, and unique. Kaytee's jewelry style shows much variety, yet the body of work hangs together to reveal her characteristic signature. Am I partial to my students? You bet I am, but I am especially proud of Kaytee's accomplishments. And you owe it to yourselves to check out her special jewelry at  (click link in right column)

Artist Statement

My love affair with creating began when I was a child. I used to spend every afternoon in my parents’ floral and antique shop. As the only daughter of an artsy floral designer father and a crafty teacher mother, I was always able to see the beauty and potential in even the strangest things. On one trip to an auction with my parents, we came home with a rickshaw, a wicker coffin, a king’s sword and scepter, and a laboratory skeleton. Many days like that one fueled my imagination and eccentricity. 
In high school, my art teachers were great inspirations for me. They allowed me to go off-curriculum in every class from photography to painting to metalsmithing and explore bringing to life the crazy images in my head. You see, I was one of those weird kids that hung out with the artists, skaters, theater kids, and outcasts. With that and a very liberal upbringing, I was able to learn about nature, art, gemstones, self-expression, tarot, writing, and something wicked that came this way…
In my years, I have dabbled in all types of art from interior design to poetry to watercolor. They all allow me to bring a feeling or an image to life through art that can be shared everyday with everyone around you. Now, I am a grown woman that does not regret the roads I have walked down or the amazing sights I have seen along the way. I have found my own extraordinary side and I hope I can help you find yours. I hope that you will find a piece of my work that will inspire you to be who you are.

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