"Assemblage" is the 3-D version of "collage”. "Found object fragments," "discards," or "throwaways" (artist's work to look at: Schwitters, Cornell, Rauschenberg, Bearden, etc.).

These things are organized by their specific elements. The resulting groups are then arranged into compositions of art.

Extending to many cultures of people living in family, religious, work, and various other groups; We could be viewed as a complex living version of "assemblage”(Webster 1. a group of persons or things gathered or collected).

We have “found” each other by chance; either by blood, common goals, or a certain chemistry. These connections help to formulate new ideas, innovations, and even new generations. John Anderson

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

jEWLRY dESIGN eLEMENTS assignment #1 to #16 due at end of period

Divide a regular 8.5"x11" sheet of paper into 16 rectangles for drawing each design. Students draw designs within each rectangle, dividing the entire space. Designs are limited to only the stated title. For a pierced projects of sawed sheet metal, redesign one so each shape to be cut out has space around it. exterior shapes can be changed from rectangle to circle, heart, triangle, flower, butterfly, etc. (no tiny floating images in the middle with surrounding empty space please)
Page one:
1. Straight Lines      2. Curved Lines      3. ZigZag Lines      4. Wavy Lines
5. Squares & Rectangles      6. Circles      7. Triangles      8. Organic Shapes
9. Geometric Designs  10. Concentric Design  11. Concentric Variation of Space  12. Flower Design
13. Fish Scale Pattern  14. Bird Feather Pattern  15.Fabric Pattern  16. Marine Radiolarian Design
Page two   
17.Trilobite-Artropod Fossil Designs 18.Self Portrait Photo Design 19.Tropical Fish Design  20.Road Map Design
21. Insect Design    22. Butterfly Design    23. National Flag Design    24. Collage Design
25. Car Design  26. Original Pendant Design for Enamel  27. Perspective Design  28. Sculptural Object for Enamel
29. Free Design   30. Design from Wallet or Purse   31. Design from Photo   32. Your Pet Design
Student examples in copper, nickel, and Brass: 

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