"Assemblage" is the 3-D version of "collage”. "Found object fragments," "discards," or "throwaways" (artist's work to look at: Schwitters, Cornell, Rauschenberg, Bearden, etc.).

These things are organized by their specific elements. The resulting groups are then arranged into compositions of art.

Extending to many cultures of people living in family, religious, work, and various other groups; We could be viewed as a complex living version of "assemblage”(Webster 1. a group of persons or things gathered or collected).

We have “found” each other by chance; either by blood, common goals, or a certain chemistry. These connections help to formulate new ideas, innovations, and even new generations. John Anderson

Saturday, September 15, 2012

What does a 'Yosemite High Sierra Ranger Guided Loop Hike' have to do with Art Education?

On August 22nd, Anita and I drove from Barrington, Illinois to the Yosemite National Park for a seven day ‘High Sierra Ranger Guided Loop Hike’. We returned yesterday afternoon. 

This was an experience of a lifetime. We are spellbound. Our leader and teacher, Ranger B-Rad was extremely helpful, knowledgable, and personable from day break to sundown providing detailed information about this perfect natural wilderness. 

There were nine of us strangers on this 49 mile hike, and we became good friends, climbing one day three consecutive sequences of 1000ft inclines in one mile each to the camp at “Vogelsang”. Another day included a segment of a 1500ft incline with switchbacks on rocky trails within 1 and 1/2 miles to reach the camp at “Sunrise”. 

Altogether, we hiked 7 to 10 miles each day for 6 days at 7150ft to 10,180ft elevation. After the fourth day was one rest day, then we resumed hiking two more days. However Ranger B-Rad planned a short hike to a nearby lake 3 miles away for R and R for that day and had three volunteers from our group and three more from camp. This eager group is pictured in front of the dining room tent at Merced Lake Camp. 

This was a great achievement for Anita and myself in our retirement. All nine of us were so proud to have completed this endeavor together. My feet were sore and I was physically exhausted after each day. Permanent tents with beds and wood-burning stoves, and wonderful meals prepared for our arrival/departure at each camp, ensured a near complete recovery for the next day’s adventure. This experience allowed us to connect to the earth; and in turn, we were deeply touched by it. 

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